About Us


ASULIN JEWELRY is owned and operated by Gali Asulin a jewelry designer and graphic artist with over 35 years experience . Gali’s background and attraction to beauty and design, made her embraced a variety of artistic endeavors such as painting, designing in Photoshop and video editing.

ASULIN JEWELRY features Gali’s One of a Kind, Hand Crafted Mineral Jewelry. This eclectic selection includes her Majestic Bridal Jewelry, as well as a variety of colorful, imaginative, artistic pieces suitable for all occasions. 

ASULIN JEWELRY grants her a different angle at the art of jewelry design.

She is confident and allows herself to “take it all the way” and create Unique powerful pieces Genuine Mineral Stones. She is free of the limitations a conventional jeweler has, and she uses this freedom to offer you an inspiring and unbelievably creative take on Jewelry.


Visit my online store today to see everything we have to offer, and be sure to take advantage of all the great sales and deals available every month. Enjoy pieces that are not only timeless and beautiful, but also one-of-a-kind!

Gali have a Jewelry and Craft Workshops in Tarzana, Los Angeles, for more informations please call: 818.300.5253